Erin Gibbons' Portfolio.

Erin Gibbons is a student at IU studying Information Systems and Journalism. She often makes a fool of herself and elicits confused looks from strangers. Her loves include the following: writing, furry-four-legged creatures that aren't cats, bacon, sunshine and singing loudly enough to annoy her neighbors. She also has a mild obsession with quotes she finds on Pinterest. Click on the boxes below to see some of things she has worked on.

January 2016

Think Twice - Be Nice.

While attending General Assembly's Tech Intensive UX Design Program, Erin's team came up with a web extension and mobile keyboard that aims to diminish cyberbulling. Here's the landing page Erin created to gauge potential-user interest.

September 2015

J360 - Lesson 3

Using a screenshot as a template, a new page was created in attempt to replicate the page shown.This is Erin's attempt.